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Mum’s Confessions : “How Do You Do It All?”

By on February 19, 2018

How do you do it all...all of the time?

This is a question I am asked a lot. And I mean a lot. I often hear "I don't know how you manage it" and "how do you it? I struggle with one". I normally answer with "I just do" or "I don't have a choice, I just have to" and I am flattered people think I do such a good job of bringing up four children while running a home and working as well. However, there are often times when I feel like a cheat and a fraud because often I do NOT do it all, all of the time. This is Mum's Confessions...

Mum's Confessions

Washing up - There are many a day that pass where the dirty dishes are sat piling up. Quite often the washing up from tea time is still on the side when I go up to bed and the breakfast bits are still there after work when I'm cooking dinner.

Laundry - This is bane of my life. I thought it was a nightmare when I was a stay at home mum. Ha! I knew nothing. Now I am back at work there is never any time to get six people's dirty laundry cleaned and dried. I find myself trying to cram 4 washes into one day and end up with a huge pile of wet washing with nowhere to dry it. It then starts to stink and has to be washed again anyway!

Homework - For as much as I try to instil into my kids that this should be done as soon as they get it. 1) because what you have just learnt is fresh in your mind and 2) its done and out the way so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend...I find us sifting through school bags on a Sunday afternoon and all getting together in a panic to complete said homework as a team effort in a bid to create something that is worthy of showing a teacher!

Reading - We all know the more we read with our kids the better but the pressure that is on us mums & dads to not only find a spare 20 mins per child, per day (which is over an hour for us) but to remember to fill in the 'reading passport' so your children can get a certificate is almost unbearable. There's times I feel like a terrible Mum that appears not to care about my children's reading ability but actually most of the time, I just don't know my arse from my elbow because I'm so bloody busy.

Birthday Parties - If we have missed one we have missed truck loads. Not because we don't want to go or because my littlun doesn't like your littlun, just that its the 16th thing written on the calendar for that day alone and I've over looked it.

Bath time - I have a perfect little bedtime routine for this...I'm lying. I don't. Bath time can create a number of issues...for the younger ones it can often mean 1001 toys & 3 hours in the bath or a screaming fit and a flooded bathroom. And for the older ones its either too much of a hardship or they spend an hour in the shower refusing to get out...or both, which when you are on a water meter you could really do without! Oh, and no, they don't have a bath everyday - I could not go through the trauma daily!!

So you see, I don't do it ALL, ALL of the time and that is perfectly ok. I can almost guarantee that I am not the only one with a list of Mum's Confessions. The message here is not to compare yourself to others. Granted, that is so much easier said than done and it absolutely goes for me too, but what you see in front of you is quite often just the tip of the iceberg with no knowing of what is going on behind the scenes.


Do you have any mum confessions? Go ahead, comment below or feel free to share over at Mummy's Munchkins Facebook page I'd love to hear from you.

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Part 3 – 3 Things ALL Expectant Mothers Should Know | Having More Than One Child

By on December 4, 2017

3 Things ALL Expectant Mothers Should Know

'Having more than one child' is the final part in my comical three part truth bomb series about what expectant mothers should know. If you missed the first two parts you can find them here:

Part 1 - 3 Things ALL Expectant Mothers Should Know | Pregnancy and Labour

Part 2 - 3 Things ALL Expectant Mothers Should Know | The Arrival

Having More Than One Child

#1) Extra job roles

When I was pregnant with my second child I began to wonder how I could love it as much as I love my first. Well when she was born I realised my love grew rather than got shared out. This worry was far from my mind when I had my third and fourth children, I knew I love them all equally.

What I wasn't prepared for was the new roles than came with having more children...

#2) You become blasé 

As a new mum you are likely to worry about EVERYTHING. Even those of you who are strong willed and do things your way (the exact type of mum I am) you will still worry.

With your first born you change their nappy every single time they have done a wee. With your second born you change it when you smell it. With the third or more you change it when you notice the nappy swinging down by your child's knees!

#3) Suspicion

Ok this might not be exclusive to having more than one child but it is certainly something that grows when you have more children. In fact it grows to a point where you almost (definitely) become paranoid about silence.

Even if you have managed to find someone who is willing to look after your terrors so you can have a few hours peace, when the house falls silent you still feel a sense of panic, despite knowing they are not there!


There has it. That's the end on my three part truth bomb series about what all expectant mothers should know.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading these as much as I have writing them. Why not let me know by commenting below 🙂

(Image source: Google Images)

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Part 2 – 3 Things ALL Expectant Mums Should Know | The Arrival

By on November 27, 2017

The Arrival!

Amazing! You successfully got through the pregnancy without wetting yourself. Your husband managed to keep his life by learning to perfectly time when to nod and agree with you and you have survived childbirth, despite being incredibly tired, temporarily losing your dignity and getting through the pain.

Pain. Yes, childbirth does hurt. Do not believe anyone who tells you it doesn't; these people in your life are not trustworthy! Anyway, you have got through all of that so now you can get some much needed rest and enjoy your new arrival, right?


Following on from giving you 3 Things ALL expectant mothers should know | Pregnancy and Labour here are three more snippets of information you absolutely need to know about the arrival of your baby!

#1) Sleep Deprivation

Giving birth is a mission and you have worked damn hard for last few hours, so now that baby is here you just need to rest and restore your energy. Only, you CAN'T. Not for the next 10 years at least! I haven't slept properly since 2007 so I'm talking from experience here people!

Sleep deprivation is a killer. You thought you were getting the practise in when you were pregnant. When you were getting up at 5am for a wee, then couldn't get back to sleep because Baby had moved making you really uncomfortable...that was NOTHING my friends.

Now you will be required to feed on demand if you choose to breastfeed - oh and that is a choice of yours by the way, not the midwives or health visitors - or you will need to be semi-awake every four hours, round the clock, to bottle feed.

My advice here is to sleep when baby sleeps. Do not try to conquer the housework, cook a delicious home cooked meal or do the laundry. Nope, you must sleep, not just for your sanity but for your general wellbeing.

(NB - that piece of advice is USELESS because when baby sleeps you will be wide awake with your mind doing over time. You will be looking around thinking about how you should just get the washing up done quickly or you'll challenge yourself to get through the ironing pile before baby wakes - you wont be able to rest. However, it's what I was told and I really think that had I taken this on board I might not have felt like I was losing my mind).

#2) When Your Milk Comes In

You thought you were hormonal already!

Well I'm afraid to say that once again you thought wrong. Around day 3 or 4 of being mummy your milk comes in making your already swollen boobs like rock hard boulders!

With that your hormones hit. the. roof.

You cry tears of... well, you just cry tears. Who knows why you're crying - you certainly don't!

You laugh like you've never laughed before over something ridiculous like dropping a spoon on the floor.

And when you listen to the radio you cry at a song that isn't even a little bit sad. In fact the song probably has no meaning to you whatsoever!

The crux of it is, throughout your pregnancy there has been a lot of hype and excitement about this arrival, your hormones change to help the healthy growth and development of the baby then when the baby is born everything starts falling back into place. It's a rollercoaster of emotions. This is totally normal.

You don't need to doubt yourself as a mum; like I did and you don't need to think you are the only woman in the world to be so irrational; like I did but you do need accept this temporary change and understand that soon enough all will be back to normal; I wish I had! Don't dwell on the negative emotions you feel at this point. Accept them, brush them off, be grateful for your bundle of joy, hold your head high and carry on being the great mum you know are.

#3) Popping out to the shop

This just doesn't happen anymore! Simples!

Once upon a time you were able to grab your keys and purse and nip out to the shop. Now you have to pack up your entire house, or so it seems, just to get a pint of milk!

You need the pushchair; change bag filled with wipes, nappies, baby milk, muslin squares, calpol, teething gel and god only knows what else (because you always need to expect the unexpected with a baby around); your purse (which you are likely to forget once you have collected everything else) and your keys.

Once you have successfully got through this quick trip to the corner shop you realise baby has fallen asleep in the pram...but you didn't want them to because they won't sleep through the night! So now what? Wake them, listen to the screaming and tire yourself out trying to occupy them or enjoy the peace and pay for it later?

That one is down to you I'm afraid.


So that's it for Part 2. Next week is Part 3 - Having more than one child. If any of this rings true or if you are expecting soon I'd love to hear from you x

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Part 1 – 3 Things ALL Expectant Mums Need To Know | Pregnancy and Labour

By on November 22, 2017

During my pregancy the first time round I was elated, excited and scared. Elated and excited because I had always dreamt of being a mum and here was my chance. Scared because I was still very young, I didn’t know what to expect but I totally wanted to nail being the best mum ever.

My now husband and I went on shopping trips to buy tiny outfits, scratch mittens, little booties and hats, maternity clothes, baby toys, nursery furniture, pushchair and any other piece of baby paraphernalia you can think of.

It was exciting.

I had started to learn how baby was developing at each different stage while still in my tummy, I felt him move, heard his heart beat and couldn’t wait to meet him.


I quickly learnt that there is ‘stuff’ that is kept from you! Stuff that mums, midwives, doctors, family members and friends don’t tell you. Stuff that when it happens you’re like “why the fuck was I never told about this”! It’s almost like an unwritten rule that certain stuff doesn’t get spoken about.

So guess what?

I’m going to tell you...

I’m going to tell you the three top things that I wish I’d been told!

3 Things ALL Expectant Mums Need To Know is going to be delivered in three parts (pun fully intended)...

Part 1 - Pregnancy & Labour

Part 2 - After the Arrival

Part 3 - Having more than one child

(Disclaimer...the three informative posts in this series are in no way supposed to scare you or put you off having babies, but instead are snippets of information I wish I’d been told so I wasn’t in such shock when I found out for myself!)

#1) Your dignity goes out the window.

I was not prepared for the amount of people that we’re about to see my, um...lady garden. And that is exactly what it had become...a garden! By the end of the pregnancy mowing the lawn is one heck of a task; you can’t even see your feet to put your socks on never mind see...that! So I was mortified when I had to put my legs a kimbo for a stranger to examine me.

Of course you get given blankets and you hide behind a curtain in your own room but come on, it's massively uncomfortable. Oh yes and they weren’t always female either!

During my first Labour the decision was made that I needed to be cut...I tore instead (gross I know, sorry!) so obviously I needed doctors to come and work their magic. At this point, not including my husband, there were 4 people, of which 2 were male, staring at my downstairs!

Having your private room, with blankets to hide under makes NO difference to how you feel right about now! However, whilst I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me I somehow didn’t care. I just wanted whatever had to be done, to get done.

But rest assured these professionals have seen it all before; no ones judging.

#2) Your tits blow up like balloons and your hormones go with them!

I’ve never had a big pair so when they blew up I was loving it. I had a cleavage! But wow did they hurt.

There was a strict no touching policy between my husband and I, unless of course he wanted to be punched in the face! You look amazing, your new boobs makes you feel amazing (as long as you don't touch them), you're glowing and people tell you this all the time so you generally feel great... until you notice your husband hasn't taken his plate out (or has done something else just as trivial). Under 'normal' circumstances you can let this annoyance go but now you feel a rage that is uncontrollable and before you've realised what has happened you've exploded. Guilt follows shortly after...so cry uncontrollably and all the while you're telling yourself you're being completely ridiculous! Once it's safe to do so your partner leans in for a cuddle to make up and give you a bit of tlc but knocks your swollen boobs!!! I think you know what happens next...

#3) Cross your legs when you sneeze!

Pelvic floor exercises are not to be sniffed at. You hear about this exercise a lot when you're having a baby but if you’re anything like me you think ‘ah I’m young, fit and healthy there’s nothing to worry about'...until you sneeze and nearly wet yourself!!Then after that, any sudden movement or strenuous activity such as laughing also causes you to nearly wet yourself - you feel like an old lady!

And this doesn’t really go away after baby arrives - at least not after having 4 kids anyway. Regular pelvic floor exercises from the beginning really will help loads.

If you're unsure how to do it correctly just type it into your search engine or ask your midwife 🙂


So that’s it for Part 1. Really hope you enjoyed reading.

Next week is Part 2 - After the Arrival...watch this space for some more home truths that all expectant mothers should know!

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Lost Learning Time

By on October 19, 2017

The other night, my daughter came to me with four books in her hands and asked if she could read them to me. It was 7:30pm, just before her bed time and she had to get up early for school the next morning; therefore, I had to say no in order for her to get her much needed sleep. I had to say NO to my little girl learning; I had to say NO to the ‘baby’ of the class, the one ‘who won’t catch up’ with some of her peers due to her age; I had to say NO to the young school girl who wants to read, the one who ‘isn’t quite where she needs to be’, so that she could go to bed & get some sleep ready for the next school day...

The next school day where she will be given an allocated reading slot, where her reading will be informally assessed, most likely not with her teacher and at a time when she isn’t focused but instead is still thinking about the math class she just had or wondering what’s for lunch; in an environment where there are constant distractions, not just for the reader but for the listener also; distractions from the daily hustle and bustle of the school; distractions from the few children that don’t want to learn and whom can be destructive; background noise and other teachers politely interrupting to ask the TA that’s with her something that cannot wait 5 minutes...

Don't get me wrong reading is something that happens ALL the time naturally - cereal boxes, road signs, magazines, sub-titles on films and so on, so her skills are always being developed, but this type of reading is a far cry from losing yourself in a book, albeit the riveting tales of Biff & Chip that 6 year olds read!

Was the fact I told my daughter she couldn’t read to me when it was beautifully quiet at home, when she was focused and raring to go, when it was a ‘want’ not a ‘requirement’ and when she was in the right mindset, a learning opportunity missed or was getting her off to bed ready for school the next day the right thing to do?

I LOVE education and love watching children learn and grow but I cannot help but think we are getting it wrong in schools. There are without doubt fantastic schools and even better teachers but I feel the education system has started failing our children. (I say ‘started’ loosely as I feel this is a huge ongoing problem that stems back to my grandparents days as pupils in the mainstream system, when the Butler Act was in play, along with the tripartite system which had an aim to provide parity of esteem (Holborn, 2008) except there’s evidence to suggest the aim wasn’t met, but I digress)!

During my time volunteering in a local school I was given the opportunity to mark the pupil’s spellings. I should point out I was only there 1 day a week and was there the same day each week. However, being given this opportunity was a huge eye opener for me. There were many children who were not getting full marks - 15/15 not even 10/15 so I started to question why…

Each week the pupils, aged 7/8, are given an A4 sheet of paper with 15 spellings down the left and five columns to the right which they are to practise and complete at home. Then there is a spellings test every Thursday. These spellings are marked and the next lot handed out.

It was whilst marking books, I realised that on the day I was volunteering there had been minimal work and focus on spellings during class time, which led me to wonder if the children had the chance to revisit the more difficult words that they got wrong – I was told “no; there is not enough time to keep going back there are too many words they have to learn by the year”. My problem with this is that they are not learning. They were not even being told which words they had got wrong – just that they had got 6/10 for example. Sure there are TA’s who work with those who are ‘behind’ but the focus seemed to be on the statistic not the learning for the child.

See, this for me is not the fault of the teachers’ it’s what is expected of them that is the issue, because of this the children are expected at ages as young as 4 to do homework. Which brings me back to my first point; they are exhausted after school, they just want to relax and why shouldn’t they. Then when they have de-stressed, are in the comfort of their own home, are in peaceful mindset and wanting to learn again, its bedtime…therefore passing up valuable learning time.

What the answer is I am not sure so for now may the cycle continue…

(Holborn, 2008. Sociology Themes & Perspectives - 7th Edition. 7 ed. s.l.:Harper Collins.)

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Struggling with the household chores? Give this a go…

By on October 3, 2017

Struggling with the chores? Try this to get into a routine...

Most of us lead an incredibly busy, fast paced life, running on the hamster wheel just trying to keep up and not fall flat on our face. Throw a couple of kids, or more, into the mix and all of a sudden keeping on top of the chores means we have potential chaos on our hands.

Ok, there's no potential about it, it IS chaos and I've come to the conclusion that those who seem to have it totally under control simply have a great poker face!

Keeping the house in check, for me, is one of the first things that seems to slip when life gets a bit tough. Basic household chores like keeping on top of the laundry and cleaning go on the back burner so that I can sort the 15,000 bits of paper that come home from school (ok a slight exaggeration but you you get my point)! So once I realised we'd missed another kids party and that we were living in a complete shit hole I decided I had to do something to regain order and control in my house!

The answer? Routine!

I put together a really basic tick list to help me organise my housework. When the 'small' things get done I am left with space in my mind (and house) to focus on other things. Like kids parties, school photo day, dinner money etc

I laminated it so it's wipe clean and I use a highlighter to tick off the tasks.

There appears to be lots in that list but you'll probably find you do a lot of that list on autopilot anyway. Plus it needs tweaking as I've come to realise some of it doesn't work - like dusting everyday?! Really, what was I thinking? Who has time for that!!

At first it was a real check box exercise. I did one task, ticked it off and then checked what was next and so on. Now some of it I don't really have to think about as I am back into the swing of doing it. The more I work by the list the more it becomes a routine and I find myself ticking half sheet off in one hit.

This has worked wonders for my household - I still need to work on other areas though as since the summer holidays we haven't managed to get back into the awesome routine we were in before. But nevertheless it's a great start and I'm feeling good. Why not give it a go?

How do you keep on top of stuff? I'd love to hear your stories.

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Back To School – Time To Get Into Routine Again

By on August 8, 2017

Routine is out the window, the kids have had enough of each other, I feel like my house has been taken over by squatters and for all that I love my children they are starting to grate on me; I'm summer holidayed out, I'm almost out of ideas to keep them entertained and I cannot stand the incessant bickering between them much longer!

Sound familiar? Thought so 😉

Well hang on in there mumma the end is near, oh and by the way the above mentioned doesn't make us bad mumma's, it just makes us human. The lack of routine and organisation can be incredibly stressful and that's the same for our little people too.

So with the summer holidays drawing to an end its time to think about getting your little munchkins back into a routine.

Startling them on their first day back with the early morning and the demand for them to eat their breakfast now, not in 3 hours time when they suddenly realise they actually need food, is NOT going to do you or them any favours. In fact I'm almost 100% certain it'll end in tears and they'll flake out by the end of their first week back. As will you and no mumma's got time to be flaking!

So here are my 5 top tips, my go to's, my must do's in the week or so leading up to their first day back at school...

1. Regular bed time

Start putting them to bed a little earlier each night until they are back to their regular bedtime. start introducing your usual bedtime routine again too - bath time / story time whatever it may be to help with them being able to go to sleep a bit earlier each night.

2. regular waking time

Start waking them up slightly earlier each day. Get them up, washed and dressed ready to face the day as you would on a school day. This combined with tip 1 will help to reset their body clock.

3. cut out grazing and snacking

When they go back to school they will no longer be able to eat when they say they are hungry and if they don't eat at the set times because they're not hungry they will be starving by the time they come home. This is not good for their energy levels or the concentration that is required during the school day. So at home start being a more strict with your meal times, go back to regular times and less grazing.

4. school uniform

Make sure you have everything ready for when they go back to school. Get them involved in the purchasing of uniform so they are fully aware their return is inevitably coming soon. Don't leave buying uniform, or washing it until the last minute. This will leave you feeling harassed which children quite often pick up on so they too won't be feeling relaxed or at their best.

5. start as you mean to go on

Get all their bags, lunches, shoes, uniform, water bottles and whatever else you need ready the night before (this includes your things too - keys, work clothes etc)

Don't set yourself up for failure...fail to prepare leaves you preparing to fail!

For those who have children already in school that are preparing to go into their next year, hold tight your sanity will soon be restored! And for those parents that are about to go through this for the first time, who are fretting and wondering how other parents are at their wits end during the summer break...you'll understand in time 😉



Header image source: google

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How To Feed Your Kids That Little Bit More Healthy – Change 4Life Top Tips

By on July 6, 2017

As a mum one of our daily struggles is ensuring that our growing munchkins have a healthy, balanced diet. But what with the busy lives we all lead; work commitments, different commutes and various after school activities, as well as the cost of food, it is a struggle that is hard to get on top of.

Today my son came home from school with a booklet from Change 4Life called Top Tips for Top Kids. I really rate Change 4 Life; I've had the the app on my phone for a while now and turn to it when I'm in need of some healthy food inspiration. It has some brilliant ideas as does this booklet.

The booklet has 8 top tips which give you fab ideas that make giving your child the healthy option that little bit easier.

Here I will summarise the tips but I fully recommend you find Change 4Life on the internet for more information.

Change 4Life Top Tips


1. Sugar Swaps

  • Swap sugary cereals for plain and serve them with fruit to add the sweetness.
  • Swap sugary drinks for diet options, sugar free, lower fat, or water.
  • And instead of sugary snacks swapto fresh fruit or plain rice cakes.

2. Regular meal times

  • Organise your day around theee regular meals
  • Eat together whenever you can
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - it gives kids the energy the need.

3. Me size meal

  • Give them a child size portion
  • Start with a little and wait for ten to ask for more. Don't pressure them to eat it all up if they are full
  • Watch packaging sizes. A pot of drinks & foods are designed for adult or for sharing.

4. Snack check

  • Keep a count of what snacks and how many ray are having. You may be surprised and might be able to cut down
  • Sometimes it's kinder to say no. Find different ways to reward them - a trip to the park or stickers for example.

5. 5 a day

  • Fresh, frozen, dried, juiced & tinned fruit and veg all count
  • A 150ml glass of fruit juice counts as one - limit to one glass though as more than this can increase the risk of tooth decay

6. Cut back fat

  • Grill or bake instead of frying
  • Cut off any fat you can see on meat before you cook it & skin chicken and turkey first.
  • Drain off fat after cooking
  • Cut back on snack foods - crisps, cakes, buns etc should be treats only.

7. 10 minute bursts of activity

  • Get off the bus & out the car. If it's walkable then walk it.
  • Clock up 60 mins of active play each day - before & after school and weekends.
  • Splash about in the pool - lengths, widths or even just playing in the shallow end.
  • Check out 10 minute shake ups! By searching Change 4Life

8. Get going everyday

  • 2 hours max of screen time throughout the whole day. Including all tv, tablets phones etc. It all adds up.
  • Run around after school
  • Get them up and about after eating. Not sitting down on the sofa 

So here it is, I hope you find these healthy tips as useful as I have.

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To My Darling Girl

By on June 15, 2017

Dear Noonoo's,


You came to me with your troubles today. It makes me sad to see you so down in the dumps but I was chuffed you came to me. You finally found it in you to see that I, as your mummy, can help make you feel better.


I should say that I love your relationship with Daddy. It's beautiful and makes my heart melt. I would never ever try to come between you both but I just want you to know that mummy's are pretty damn good in these crappy situations too so whenever you want to talk again, I'm all ears.


You told me you had been left out by the people you were playing with outside. And you cried telling me it's like they don't like you. It was only a few days prior to this you told me of little girl that hit you and asked if you wanted more! My god it makes me mad to see you like this, or your brothers and sister. I feel like a lioness with her cubs ready to pounce on any fucker, adult or child, that upsets my babies but you see the thing is, part of growing up is learning how to overcome difficult times like these. And you will get through them sweetheart I promise. I know you will because I did too, as did nanny and her mummy before her. It's just part of life.


Sometimes your friends will do things that annoy you and you will do things that annoy them but more often than not you will make up again. Sometimes life seems unfair. No, sometimes life IS unfair but by pulling through you will become that little bit stronger, giving you the extra courage to break down the next barrier you are faced with.


My job as your mum is to help you grow into a strong young woman, who is independent, who isn't a push over, who fights for what she thinks is right, who believes in her dreams and who can look fear in the eye and deal with it. But if I were to fight your every battle you wouldn't learn these things and my darling girl you are stronger than you think because you already are and do some of this!


I know kids can be cruel with things that they say, especially girls and there is no doubt you will find yourself saying nasty things to people too (that doesn't make it right by the way) but you have to learn when it's worth fighting and when it's better to walk away. Just know that whatever you choose to do, in any situation I have your back and I always will have. We can deal with whatever life throws at you together.


So, my point in writing to you is so that you know you can always come to me. You can come to me with whatever is on your mind, however big or small it may seem because together you and I will find the way. I will always do my best to turn your frown into a smile and I have a torrent of hugs waiting for you when you want them again.


I enjoyed our mummy daughter moment yesterday. It was magical for me. By the look on your face I did a pretty good job at turning things around for you too.


There is plenty more where that came from 🙂


Sweetheart, you are more like me than you will ever realise and I love you so much more than you will ever understand.


Forever and always





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An Ode’ To My Kids…

By on May 24, 2017


I love how you wake me daily, just moments before my alarm;

I love that first thing in the morning, our house resembles a farm.

I love how all the lights come on when you wake during the night;

I love the way you crash the toilet lid, sure to give me a fright.

I love how you miss the loo, weeing all over the floor; and

I love the battle we have, every morning before school.

I love the talks we have about cleaning your teeth;

I love that the pound in your pocket isn’t yours you little thief!

I love that you leave your dirty pants at the top of the stairs and

I love that your socks are never in pairs.

I love how you don’t like anything I have to say;

I love that we go through the same shit everyday.

I love it when you scream at me while I’m brushing your hair;

I love the way you think I don’t care.

I love that not a day goes by without us clashing;

I love the sound of my new crockery smashing!

I love how you say it wasn’t you,

I love the way you think I don’t have a clue.

I love the tempers, the screams and the shouts;

I love the bad moods, the grumps and the pouts.

I love that you’ll be teenagers soon and

I love that my memory is as big as the moon!

I love that what goes around comes around. I’ll soon have my day,

I love that my mum thinks it’s great you’re a pain,

But Karma’s a bitch and she coming your way!!

Love you all

Mum xxxx

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