About Us

Hey! Welcome to Mummy's Munchkins.

I'm Emma, this here with me is my incredible husband

Mr B & Me in Disney Land Paris


AND these are our beautiful children

Ethan, Olivia, Archie and Phoebe

Parenthood started early for us. It was a shock to the system but we embraced it, ran with it and thoroughly enjoy it. We wouldn't have it any other way.

As a child growing up if there was one thing from life I truly wanted it was to have a family of my own. I wanted that fairytale life (we can dream right?) Joking aside to some our life is a fairytale...we met young, had children, got married, became home owners and are currently living happily ever after!

Life hasn't always been that peachy though!

Parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, marriage is one hell of a ride. Then throw a bit of post-natal depression and anxiety into the mix, you know just to shake things up a bit, add some stressful school runs followed by your husbands line of work requiring him to stay away at times, mix that with some awesome quality family time at the weekends and during school holidays and you find yourself on one giant rollercoaster. This space is where I will share some of that journey with you.

Learning how to overcome the harder times has made our family unit stronger. I've learnt just to be the best version of myself that I can be...after all that is all your children want from you!

One thing we would like to do more as a family is to see more of the world. To live on such a beautiful planet and not get to venture out into it and experience it is insane...still, hope is not lost!

I hope you enjoy reading. I am also on Facebook, Instagram and pinterest if social media is your thing.