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For 2018 Mummy's Munchkins is shifting focus. I originally set this blog up to document what our 'larger than average' family got up to, now the aim is to provide inspiration and ideas to other families.

Our intention is to share with you our own experiences of family outings, indoor fun, outdoor activities, trips abroad, fun in the kitchen and so much more. We will however keep it real and share with you the trials and tribulations family life and parenthood can bring.

For the new year the Mr and I have decided more family time is a must. The children are growing so fast that we are worried we will blink and miss it, so although finding time is hard as we both work, we have agreed to more family fun and memory making and show you how you can too.

We are a family of 6, so doing anything at all can be quite pricey. With this in mind, as well as our activities and outings being aimed at families with young children, they are also aimed at lower budgets too (with the occasional splash out), just to show that adventure and fun can be had whatever the budget.

Ultimately, we want to inspire you to create more memories with your brood while we take you on our journey in a bid to do just that with our own.

Time is precious lets make it count.

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