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Kids Valentines Day Craft Activities

February 11, 2018
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With Valentines day just around the corner, the kids and I have come up with a few craft ideas to make at home. Now we love to get outside but with it being so cold these are great seasonal indoor tasks to keep you and your little ones busy while still enjoying quality family time.

At the end I have added a special surprise idea that the children know nothing about and won't do until valentines day itself, so shhh.

Without further ado here are the activities:

Tried and Tested Crafts

Heart Collage Card

Heart Shaped Bookmarks

Love Heart Paper Chain Wreath

The above crafts are activities we have already tried and tested and loved making but there is much more fun to be had. Below are some fun ideas I intend to carry out with the children over the following week.

Why not join us in the fun and share pictures of your finished crafts over at our Mummy's Munchkins Facebook page

More Ideas

Valentines Hama Beads Bunting

This is a craft we have started but are yet to finish. First of all, if you are the crafty type and you haven't heard of or used Hama Beads yet then where have you been all these years?! I had heard of Hama Beads but never used them until this Christmas when my girls' were bought some as a Christmas gift. They are so much fun and you can create pretty much anything you like with them but for the purpose of Valentines day we have started to make bunting. You create a heart shape, leaving a small hole to thread through some string once you are finished; place some greaseproof paper on the top then gently iron so the pieces stick together; then string them together and hang.

  • Fingerprint heart Cards
  • Heart shaped biscuits
  • Heart shaped mosaic sun-catchers
  • Cupids Arrow -

(Using sticks from the garden and felt pieces, cut into the shape of an arrow-head and the feathers on the end, and fasten on with PVA - see Pinterest for more detailed how to guides)


Valentines Lunch - A Kids Special





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