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Valentines Lunch – A Kids Special

February 10, 2018
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This year I have decided to do something that little bit extra special for my kids for Valentines Day: A Kids Valentines Lunch.

Despite the fact they thoroughly enjoy making cards, they are of an age where they are either too young or too cool to be giving or receiving cards from anyone.

So to make the day, which falls during half term this year, a bit more special I have decided to make them a valentines lunch.

I will be setting the scene by laying the table with a red cloth, setting their up places with charger plates and popping an artificial red rose in a glass in the middle of the table.

On the table they will each find a menu that I have created, with 2 choices on it (I am yet to decide these) and they will be able to order their meal from me.

After this I will cook and serve their meals followed by a dessert of their choice.

The aim of this is to make them feel special, wanted and appreciated. My children often hear me telling them I love them but this is a chance to really show them, in a fun and creative way.

A lot of us are busy with this or that, so why not use this opportunity to make some memories by serving up a special Valentines lunch for your children?

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