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Water Balloons and Dinosaur Eggs!

January 11, 2018
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I saw this water balloon and dinosaur egg activity on a Facebook page run by Learning and Exploring Through Play and just had to give it a go...

So back in the summer (if you can call it that here in the UK) we hatched some dinosaurs!!

This was a really fun and great problem solving activity, which really homed in on the children's inner Palaeontologist selves. Having fun while learning...whatever next!?

So what did we do?

  • Put mini dinosaur figures in water balloons
  • Fill balloons with water
  • Put balloons in freezer
  • Once frozen take them out
  • Peel the balloon off the 'egg'
  • Get the dinosaurs out of the eggs

And that's it!!

Problem Solving

The Problem Solving is all about HOW you're going to get the dinosaurs out and this is such an important skill. No, not getting dinosuars' out of eggs but problem solving. All through our lives from a young age we are faced with situations where we must make a decision and more often than not this will involve considering damage limitation.

So this task actually provides two key features: problem solving - how will we get the dinosaurs out and damage limitation - getting the dinosaurs out without destroying them in the process. NB one or two dinosaurs may have lost a limb. Or two. Or their head. But for the most part we were successful.

Along with the above two features the children communicated with each other, worked as team as well as independently and shared their thoughts and ideas. All skills required not just through school life but well into their adult life also!

The children came up with a number of ways to approach this task. They used stones to hit the eggs to chip away at the ice, threw them on the patio, bashed the eggs together, picked at the ice and put in them some water so they would melt.

All off the above works!

This was such a fun activity to do together. As I mentioned we did this back in the summer as a fun activity to do in the garden but there are many variations to it making it a fun task to do inside the house on a rainy day. For example, as it is now winter why not have Elsa freeze her friends and have the children free them OR have farm or zoo animals caught up in an ice age! You could also think of other animals that lay eggs use the same principle as hatching the dinosaur eggs.

However you choose to tackle this family activity, just have fun with it. And why not share your pictures with me on my Instagram page using the hashtag #WaterBallonsAndDinosaurEggs

Below are some pictures of the fun we had...

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