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Back To School – Time To Get Into Routine Again

August 8, 2017
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Routine is out the window, the kids have had enough of each other, I feel like my house has been taken over by squatters and for all that I love my children they are starting to grate on me; I'm summer holidayed out, I'm almost out of ideas to keep them entertained and I cannot stand the incessant bickering between them much longer!

Sound familiar? Thought so 😉

Well hang on in there mumma the end is near, oh and by the way the above mentioned doesn't make us bad mumma's, it just makes us human. The lack of routine and organisation can be incredibly stressful and that's the same for our little people too.

So with the summer holidays drawing to an end its time to think about getting your little munchkins back into a routine.

Startling them on their first day back with the early morning and the demand for them to eat their breakfast now, not in 3 hours time when they suddenly realise they actually need food, is NOT going to do you or them any favours. In fact I'm almost 100% certain it'll end in tears and they'll flake out by the end of their first week back. As will you and no mumma's got time to be flaking!

So here are my 5 top tips, my go to's, my must do's in the week or so leading up to their first day back at school...

1. Regular bed time

Start putting them to bed a little earlier each night until they are back to their regular bedtime. start introducing your usual bedtime routine again too - bath time / story time whatever it may be to help with them being able to go to sleep a bit earlier each night.

2. regular waking time

Start waking them up slightly earlier each day. Get them up, washed and dressed ready to face the day as you would on a school day. This combined with tip 1 will help to reset their body clock.

3. cut out grazing and snacking

When they go back to school they will no longer be able to eat when they say they are hungry and if they don't eat at the set times because they're not hungry they will be starving by the time they come home. This is not good for their energy levels or the concentration that is required during the school day. So at home start being a more strict with your meal times, go back to regular times and less grazing.

4. school uniform

Make sure you have everything ready for when they go back to school. Get them involved in the purchasing of uniform so they are fully aware their return is inevitably coming soon. Don't leave buying uniform, or washing it until the last minute. This will leave you feeling harassed which children quite often pick up on so they too won't be feeling relaxed or at their best.

5. start as you mean to go on

Get all their bags, lunches, shoes, uniform, water bottles and whatever else you need ready the night before (this includes your things too - keys, work clothes etc)

Don't set yourself up for to prepare leaves you preparing to fail!

For those who have children already in school that are preparing to go into their next year, hold tight your sanity will soon be restored! And for those parents that are about to go through this for the first time, who are fretting and wondering how other parents are at their wits end during the summer'll understand in time 😉



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