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Travel Tips For When You’re On The Move With Your Munchkins – Flight Must Haves!  

July 17, 2017
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So you're about to embark on a family holiday abroad or maybe you're starting your journey as a full time nomadic family either way you'll be aware of the challenge you are about to be faced with upon boarding your flight...keeping the kids occupied (and relatively quiet)!

With that in mind I have compiled a list of 6 flight must haves for kids.

Whilst you can purchase these on most flights they are not the cheapest and chances are your littlun will want something that isn't available so take plenty of snacks and something to drink.

Sweets, treats, crisps and water (I allow fizzy if I'm feeling generous) are ideal. They keep them quiet and help with popping ears too. Ok, so this is far from a healthy option but hey you're on holiday!

So this seems an obvious one but it's something that shouldn't be forgotten. If your baby has a dummy or any other kind of pacifier make sure you take it...and spares!

The last thing you want is a tired baby screaming on a plane who has lost their dummy and can't get to sleep!

Dummies in particular are also good to help with babies and toddlers ears popping, so if your child does have a dummy make sure they have it for the take off and landing.

Activity books, colouring pages, dot-to-dot books and crayons can be a life saver. You can purchase books or simply print some before you go. Either way this is a definite must have for me.

Little travel craft sets that don't require any other materials or equipment such as scissors are great to take.  Keeps the kids occupied, passes the time and they have something to show for it at the end 🙂

Kids love stories!

Whether you read a lot at home or only really get time to read while on holiday, taking story books you know your children will love is a great way to grab their full attention. As well as being fun they are a fab learning tool (and the kids don't even realise they are learning - MAGICAL)!

iPad, kindle, phones whatever it may be, and as much as I harp on about limiting screen time, they are a great source of entertainment for children. You can get many educational games, short films and stories that work wonders. Just don't forget headphones...I doubt the whole plane wants to listen to Peppa Pigs theme tune for the next few hours!


So there has it my top 6 tips. I hope these work for you, they certainly have done for me over the years.

Here is where you can purchase some of the above items. If you choose to buy through one of these links I will earn a small amount at no extra cost to you, helping to keep this page free for you. I don't recommend products I haven't tried myself or that I wouldn't use again.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment with your ideas 🙂

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