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I’ve Changed My Morning Rountine and You Can Too!

July 13, 2017
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Urgh Mornings!

I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON and morning people annoy the hell out of me! My husband is a morning person and I often get the urge to trip him up as he bounces out of bed when the alarm goes off but hey mornings are a thing and we should embrace them.

Now, just to completely contradict myself, I love the mornings, getting up and getting stuff done is great and I hate feeling like I've wasted half the day but this is only once I'm awake and for me waking up is a mission.

Then to top it off I have to get multiple children ready as well as myself. One wants to get his own breakfast, the other is squeezing the toothpaste tube in the bathroom getting toothpaste everywhere, one is getting out a train set and the other demands my FULL attention!

Up until recently this wasn't too much of a hardship because the hubby was often home to help but now he works long hours. Sometimes leaving before the kids are awake. He stays away at times as well now so I have had to up my game and sort this morning malarkey out!

Well you know what?

I've sussed it! And here's how you can too...

Get up earlier

Hear me out!

I now set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than I was before. This gives me time to WAKE UP. I get up, have a brew and get myself sorted before the kids wake up.

Daily Journaling

Recently I embarked on a 30 day journaling course and 6 days in I have really noticed the difference. Journaling first thing in the morning has a better affect on your mindset, so I journal while still in bed...just after I shut my alarm up from making that god awful noise!

I fill it with goals, affirmations and gratitude leaving me feeling positive for the day ahead, ready to take serious action to move forward in the right direction.

Wake the kids gently

Wake the kids up gently. Give cuddles and think about your tone of voice, talk softly to them. No one likes to be startled in the morning so make sure you leave them plenty of time to get ready calmly before school.

Create a morning routine

Your children need routine as much as, if not more than, you do. Create a routine that works best for you and stick to it every single day. This helps massively in your bid to a smooth running morning.

Screen time


No TV until EVERYTHING is ready; until everyone has cleaned their teeth, had their hair done, got everything they need for school etc. Refrain from tablets and phone use - encourage book reading to set them up for the day ahead.

I limit my own screen time in the morning too i.e. checking of social media, emails etc. I do this before they wake up - model your children's routines and behaviours on you.

leave home early

Plan to leave the house a few minutes earlier than you have to. This gives you some leeway if you're running behind on your morning tasks.


Now of course this is absolutely KEY to getting any of the above done and done right. You can get packed lunches, school uniforms, book-bags, school letters, your handbag, pushchair, shoes, coats and whatever else you may need in the morning, ready the night before. Trust me, it will make your life in the morning so much easier!

Using the above tips has truly helped me to transform my mornings leaving me feel more organised and less stressed and I'm confident if you follow along you'll have similar results!

Good Luck!

All images except the journaling image are from Google Images.

  1. Really nice tips. My children are now grown ups, but I find most of these tips hold good even now. Getting up a bit early in the morning always helps. We can get some me time in the morning before getting busy with our daily chores. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m glad you agree. The Change has been good hopefully by the time they grown up it’ll be second nature!

  2. I’m not a morning person. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even a day person. But 2 of my kids are and my husband works very late, so I’m the one who should be there in the morning. Doesn’t happen always, though.
    I’l try waking up earlier and journaling in the morning! Thanks

    1. Haha “I wonder if I’m even a day person” I love that!!
      Thank you for reading and good luck with your changes. I’d love to know how you get on.

    2. For us is a big help Happy Kids Timer Morning app. I would never say, but it helps. Kids love it. This app helped our kids to become more independent. They are so motivated. They follow morning activities one after another on iPhone and do them on their own. And mommy’s got more time for resting 🙂

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