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How To Plan The Summer Holidays – Keeping Your Kids Entertained

July 6, 2017
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It's nearly that time of year already, the summer holidays are almost upon us! Does it fill you with dread and fear? Or a sense of relief and excitement? For me I love the summer holidays. I wont lie I used to dread but since I have followed the same ritual for the last 2 - 3 years on every school holiday I have learnt to fully embrace, appreciate and love the time I have with them during the school holidays.

But a question I often get asked is "How do you get through the summer holidays with 4 kids"?

Well, my initial thought is an image of me sitting on the sofa, feet up, sipping a large vodka and coke in the evening once I've tucked them all into bed but the reality is somewhat different! Whilst I am not a single mum during the summer holidays and most other school holidays the husband has to work so I have to deal with this on my own. The key is ORGANISATION!

Here I am going to give you my THREE top tips but there is also a video over on my Facebook page Mummy's Munchkins where I go into more detail and it is broken down into 6 tips.

To make putting the following tips into action easier I create a chart, much like a calendar and I get the kids involved too. They love the craftiness of creating the chart and by having their input as to what we get up to gives them a real sense of responsibility and independence also.

This is as far as I go without involving the kids
  1. Create a chart
  2. Input into the chart;
    • Things you already have planned i.e. birthdays, appointments etc
    • Consider any annual memberships you have. These are more important than hunting out the freebies. They are already paid for, it makes sense to make sure you get your monies worth!
    • Freebies. Eg visit the library, forest walks, country walks, days at the beach, playdates at a friends house, parks, bike rides. Also check with your local authority as some put on free events as well as having free splash parks.
    • Then choose what you would like to spend your money on (EXTRA TIP - for themes parks, LEGOLAND, trips to the capital etc look out for 2 for 1 tickets on branded cereal packs).
  3. Create a Rainy Day Activity List. After all this is the UK there will be a day or two that is less than ideal for getting out and about. On this list I include crafty activities, film days, cooking, den building etc

Once the chart is completed tack it to a wall somewhere everyone can see it. I have mine low down on the wall in our dining room. This way all the kids can see what's going on and when it's happening as well as you. They love it because their involvement gives them a sense of importance and leaves them feeling like grown ups!

So this is how I plan my summer holidays, I hope you have found this useful and should you choose to follow my advise I would LOVE to hear how you've got on so feel free to comment.

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