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To My Darling Girl

June 15, 2017
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Dear Noonoo's,


You came to me with your troubles today. It makes me sad to see you so down in the dumps but I was chuffed you came to me. You finally found it in you to see that I, as your mummy, can help make you feel better.


I should say that I love your relationship with Daddy. It's beautiful and makes my heart melt. I would never ever try to come between you both but I just want you to know that mummy's are pretty damn good in these crappy situations too so whenever you want to talk again, I'm all ears.


You told me you had been left out by the people you were playing with outside. And you cried telling me it's like they don't like you. It was only a few days prior to this you told me of little girl that hit you and asked if you wanted more! My god it makes me mad to see you like this, or your brothers and sister. I feel like a lioness with her cubs ready to pounce on any fucker, adult or child, that upsets my babies but you see the thing is, part of growing up is learning how to overcome difficult times like these. And you will get through them sweetheart I promise. I know you will because I did too, as did nanny and her mummy before her. It's just part of life.


Sometimes your friends will do things that annoy you and you will do things that annoy them but more often than not you will make up again. Sometimes life seems unfair. No, sometimes life IS unfair but by pulling through you will become that little bit stronger, giving you the extra courage to break down the next barrier you are faced with.


My job as your mum is to help you grow into a strong young woman, who is independent, who isn't a push over, who fights for what she thinks is right, who believes in her dreams and who can look fear in the eye and deal with it. But if I were to fight your every battle you wouldn't learn these things and my darling girl you are stronger than you think because you already are and do some of this!


I know kids can be cruel with things that they say, especially girls and there is no doubt you will find yourself saying nasty things to people too (that doesn't make it right by the way) but you have to learn when it's worth fighting and when it's better to walk away. Just know that whatever you choose to do, in any situation I have your back and I always will have. We can deal with whatever life throws at you together.


So, my point in writing to you is so that you know you can always come to me. You can come to me with whatever is on your mind, however big or small it may seem because together you and I will find the way. I will always do my best to turn your frown into a smile and I have a torrent of hugs waiting for you when you want them again.


I enjoyed our mummy daughter moment yesterday. It was magical for me. By the look on your face I did a pretty good job at turning things around for you too.


There is plenty more where that came from 🙂


Sweetheart, you are more like me than you will ever realise and I love you so much more than you will ever understand.


Forever and always





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