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An Ode’ To My Kids…

May 24, 2017
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I love how you wake me daily, just moments before my alarm;

I love that first thing in the morning, our house resembles a farm.

I love how all the lights come on when you wake during the night;

I love the way you crash the toilet lid, sure to give me a fright.

I love how you miss the loo, weeing all over the floor; and

I love the battle we have, every morning before school.

I love the talks we have about cleaning your teeth;

I love that the pound in your pocket isn’t yours you little thief!

I love that you leave your dirty pants at the top of the stairs and

I love that your socks are never in pairs.

I love how you don’t like anything I have to say;

I love that we go through the same shit everyday.

I love it when you scream at me while I’m brushing your hair;

I love the way you think I don’t care.

I love that not a day goes by without us clashing;

I love the sound of my new crockery smashing!

I love how you say it wasn’t you,

I love the way you think I don’t have a clue.

I love the tempers, the screams and the shouts;

I love the bad moods, the grumps and the pouts.

I love that you’ll be teenagers soon and

I love that my memory is as big as the moon!

I love that what goes around comes around. I’ll soon have my day,

I love that my mum thinks it’s great you’re a pain,

But Karma’s a bitch and she coming your way!!

Love you all

Mum xxxx

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