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Monday Mummy Days

May 18, 2017
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Lots of people waking up this morning dreading the day ahead; this used to be me…

Urgh Monday morning!

Lots of people HAVE to face the dreaded 9-5 on a Monday. Lots WANT/NEED to for their sanity. I can totally relate to this. After having my first 2 children I ‘needed’ to work. After my 3rd & 4th I started to dread work.

But now I wake up feeling grateful.

I get to be a stay-at-home-mum. I get to take my children to school & pick them up myself. And I get to have quality one-to-one time with my youngest twice a week.

We call these days Mummy Days.

My mummy days are not state funded nor are we rolling in it. I am just very lucky that the Mr can support us all. I once felt a sense of shame that I’d decided to quit work to be a SAHM, not earning to provide for my family. But we don’t go without. Especially not the children.

Soon I realised I am providing for my family just not with finance. They have all the love in the world. They live in a smooth (ish) running home. They rarely see the stresses life can bring. And that’s because I do my 24/7 job to the best of my ability.

This job is the best job I’ve ever had despite the around the clock hours at zero pay. A job I am very grateful I get to do. I know lots who don’t have this choice and whom don’t want it.

But for me, instead of feeling shame I hold my head high.

LOVE my Monday Mummy Days.

Have a similar story? Or have to face the 9-5 ritual? I’d love to hear from you…comment below


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