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I’m Not Ready For Potty Training: My not-so-full-of-advice advice

May 17, 2017
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Now, I wish I could give you tips at ‘how to potty train successfully in just 4 days’ or ‘have your little munchkin dry day and night in a week’ but unfortunately I can’t!

This is more of a ‘your little one is not the only one who’s still not dry when approaching their 4th birthday’ & ‘please know you’re not the only one desperate to get your pre-schooler out of nappies but is still not ready to go through the process yourself’ kind of post!!

There seems to be so much pressure on mums and dads to get their babies dry when they are still just, well, babies.

Firstly, there is pull-ups, urgh, what is the point in these?

They are just nappies that you pull up instead of stick together. They hindered O’s potty training rather than helped. It went on for ages – the only one out of my four who we put in them and the only one we struggled with to get dry!!!

Secondly, there are new-fangled all singing all dancing potties that are like mini toilets with faces, some of which sing at you…gee whizz (pun fully intended) I’m not sure how I would feel if my toilet started to sing at me when I am trying to poo either to be honest…

Then there is the potty that has an iPad holder!!!

An iPad holder…Why?

No really, why? I’m not going to rant about this here, I’ve already done it once over on my Facebook Page; just scroll down until you find the post with this picture…

Let’s face it the likely hood of your child going to school still in nappies is slim. Maybe they won’t be dry at night but don’t let that worry you; there are plenty of children well in to school age with this secret.

Most schools are fabulous at keeping it a secret too, when on overnight trips and such like. One day they will wake up dry…trust me. I speak from experience. Not personal experience but two family members have been through exactly this.

Too much concern, worry, pressure and stress for what?

So in my opinion potty training is just one of those things in your child’s life that they will do when they are good and ready to, not when you want them to and believe me THEY WILL BE ready when YOU ARE NOT!

P has decided it’s her time.

Despite the fact she will be four this year I mostly definitely was not ready…a week on and I am still not.

I am not prepared, no stock of little knickers, no guarantee of hot weather so she can run around with no clothes on, not enough leggings or trousers to last a days’ wetting nor am I prepared mentally…

P is my last, the baby of the family, I want my baby to stay a baby, they grow too fast. Until now I wasn’t massively concerned when the kids seemed to be growing up too quickly; I had the next one to go through it all again with, to have those special ‘first moments’ but this time there is no next one.

P didn’t like the potty and that big ceramic crater that is the toilet terrified her. However, she said if I got her a special toilet seat (you know that ones that go on top of the actual seat) she would use it.

Having been through similar circs with my older kids I thought “mmm hmm, of course you will…”

Well last week when out doing the weekly food shop P saw one…a pink mouse special toilet seat. Shouting and leaning over the trolley, so much so it's a wonder she didn't topple out, P was adamant she had to have it so at £2 odd I couldn’t refuse.

I could not believe what happened when we got home.

After we unpacked the shopping and did the school run P asked to go to the loo and sure enough with the aid of her new toilet seat she went. And has been dry ever since!

Of course there have been accidents but only a handful. All that nonsense of not being prepared was exactly that; nonsense! P is ready, we don't need to stock up on anything nor do we need the hot weather...I just have to understand my babies are growing and over time are slowly becoming less dependant on me!

 We are so proud of her and tell her all the time, re-assurance is key when potty training. A couple of times, following an accident, she has looked up and said "mummy, are you and daddy still happy with me" and "is daddy going to be proud". *melting heart* 

At times it can be so frustrating, but they need to know you are incredibly made up with their achievement! Even if it is the 5th accident that day, after weeks of ‘being dry’, when they haven’t attempted to get on the toilet but have just stood there and piddled on the floor instead (something I went through with O).

O made the decision herself that she wanted to be ‘a big girl’ but we introduced pull-ups and I truly believe these hindered her development. They were comfy; she didn’t really feel wet.

She saw them as big girl knickers. Big girl knickers that didn’t make a mess! The type mummy wanted her to wear would and she became scared to go without pull ups.

We got the boys dry whilst on holiday abroad for two weeks staying at my grandparents’ villa during the summer, if ever there was a time it was then. They were free to run around completely naked and the floor is tiled. (hence why after my oldest son I thought this was the only way forward for all children)

No concern of staining carpet or the lingering stench of urine, no getting cold, no worry of running out of pants…perfect!

P’s achievement is 100% child-led. We just have night time to tackle now…

My message to you is simple. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

There isn’t a step-by-step guide with a one-rule-fits-all solution. They will do it in their own time!

Good Luck

Thank you for reading. Please comment with your stories I would love to hear them.


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