An Ode’ To My Kids…

  I love how you wake me daily, just moments before my alarm; I love that first thing in the morning, our house resembles a farm. I love how all the lights come on when you wake during the night; I love the way you crash the toilet lid, sure to give me a fright. [...]

My Boy Ballet Dancer

One day he makes me furious, with his Jekyll and Hyde like behaviours. The next I'm crying out of shear proudness!   My son is a ballet dancer…yes my SON.   Every time music came on he would dance instantaneously and with my dancers eye I could see straight away he had ‘something’. I used [...]

Monday Mummy Days

Lots of people waking up this morning dreading the day ahead; this used to be me… Urgh Monday morning! Lots of people HAVE to face the dreaded 9-5 on a Monday. Lots WANT/NEED to for their sanity. I can totally relate to this. After having my first 2 children I ‘needed’ to work. After my 3rd [...]